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I am an aspiring wordsmith, a lover of stories, a follower of God, a thinker of things, and (very nearly) a Master of English Literature from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Currently working in publishing in Cape Town, I owe much to wonderful parents, a loving sister, and a phlegmatic cousin. I am not an Aha moment type of person: In my life, much as I might have liked it, I never had lightning bolt revelations about my faith, or about my career. But even so, the only important decision about my life that I will ever make has already been made. In committing myself entirely to Christ, I will never feel that I have loved Him too much, or done enough to promote His glory in my work as a student, writer, teacher and publisher. It infuses everything, from my relationships to my creativity.

I am His vessel. May the Lord use me to write His poetry.


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I am a writer, a relationship-builder, and a peacemaker passionate about using words to build bridges between people and God. I write about the intersection of life and faith in the humble hope of painting a picture of what living our daily lives walking with Jesus can look like for those who haven’t yet experienced it, and because I simply can’t not write about these things—it overflows out of who I am and is what makes me feel most alive.

I have a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and am currently taking a break from the counseling field to be with my three delightful children. Raising them is a hard and beautiful mess most days, and most of the work involves God raising me and sanctifying my sinful heart by His grace. Through my writing at Of Larks, I hope to encourage you, and myself, to fully embrace both the sweet, sweet grace of God and His call to holiness, rooting ourselves deeply in God’s Word and standing on His promise that if we do, streams of living water will flow from within us, and we will flourish.

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I want to know my Creator, to follow Him, and to honor Him. I am a wife to my husband Matt and a mom to five children, ages twelve to four years old. Two of my daughters have complicated medical needs due to a genetic disorder. My days are spent caring for my family, including homeschooling my children, running to doctor and therapy appointments, preparing medically necessary diets, and managing a mobile home park part-time from my home in Elkhart, Indiana.

I have always loved writing. I love finding words to wrap around experiences and emotions that seem otherwise too difficult to hold. I met my husband while we were attending Moody Bible Institute, and I had the privilege of sitting in on much of his seminary education at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Together we have sought to understand Scripture more thoroughly, to know Christ more deeply, and to share Christ with those around us. I know that I need a community of Christ-followers around me daily to correct my errors, refresh my perspective, and strengthen my steps on this narrow path. I write now to offer to those around me the beauty, grace, encouragement, and strength that I have found in Christ.

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I am a wife, a disciple-maker, and most definably a child of the Most High. I graduated from the University of Colorado after studying English Literature and Secondary Education and currently find myself working with the Navigators in collegiate ministry.  It is continuously the greatest honor and privilege to enter into the lives of women and walk alongside them as they walk deeper into grace and truth, growing in their knowledge of our mighty God. I’m wildly passionate about the truth found in God’s Word and witnessing others live out their identities as adopted sons and daughters of the King. I praise God that He gave us the gift of His Word alongside the ability to know and explore it. I love to use writing as a tool to wrestle with Scripture, to delve into it, abide in it and see the Lord more fully through it. My writing reflects my heart, and its rawness as I forever seek to know God more intimately and fully as He already knows me. My deepest desire is to pursue holiness, seeking to give glory to the God who has redeemed me and called me His own, that together we might know Christ more and make so much of Him.


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I am a freelance writer, a wife, a dog mom, and most-importantly a daughter of the Most High King. I received my bachelor's degree in English and writing from Augustana College to follow my childhood passion, and it's now my honor to use these God-given gifts to spread the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of my energy is spent in deepening my knowledge of the Word and caring for the Body of Christ through leadership and serving. I lead a small group of women in Bible study every week and teach Gospel application workshops at our church.

The Lord pursued me when I was intentionally resisting and rebelling against Him. And because of His gracious pursuit and evident mercy in my life, I asked the Lord to use my life for His Kingdom—and He responded in mighty ways for His glory. My heart's desire is to apply the Gospel and enrich the believer's walk with Christ and also make the Gospel understandable to unbelievers. I pray my thirst and overflow of love and adoration for Him increases every day!

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Image of Alex, Of Larks contributing artist, standing in Arches National Park.

My story began in the Midwest and along the sandy dunes of Lake Michigan. For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in creative arts ranging from directing home movies with my kid-sister, to guitar and songwriting, to Video Production in college. After graduation, I lived in Turkey for four years where I worked for a Christian NGO and taught English. I currently reside in Colorado with my lovely wife, Abby, where I work as a wedding and portrait photographer. As an artist and storyteller, I am inspired by honest and real moments, the simple beauty of natural light, and the sacrificial devotion of marriage, which is a profound picture of Christ and the Church.

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