Spotlight: July 2017

Through this ongoing series, we want to share theological resources that have helped us grow in knowledge and understanding of the Lord, and appreciation for our shared Christian faith through the wider body of Christ.  Whether blog posts, music, books, podcasts, visual art, etc., we hope that you can discover new sources of edification and encouragement. 


What If I Keep on Sinning?

In this pastoral interview, Bryan Chapell, author of Christ-Centered Preaching, speaks on the topic of grace and continued sin. He teaches that we need not fear Gods love going away; He acts not contractually, but covenantally. As we know that, we live in response to Gods grace—not so as to earn Gods grace. And when we do sin, we grieve the fact that our sin grieves the Holy Spirit. Repenting from that sin does not mean trusting our own resolve, but trusting God who gives us help in relationship with Him.”

Spurgeon’s The Treasure of David

“Are you familiar with The Treasury of David, Spurgeon’s 7-volume commentary on the book of Psalms, complete with exposition, explanatory notes, quotes, and lists of additional resources? Enjoy! One quote I appreciated this week from Spurgeon’s commentary was on Psalm 119:22. Have you experienced any pressure of your reputation being questioned among those you know because you believe and live the truth? The theme of the Psalmist being afflicted with the scorn of others because he trusts God runs through the Psalms. Spurgeon writes,‘The best way to deal with slander is to pray about it: God will either remove it, or remove the sting from it. Our own attempts at clearing ourselves are usually failures; we are like the boy who wished to remove the blot from his copy, and by his bungling made it ten times worse. When we suffer from a libel it is better to pray about it than go to law over it, or even to demand an apology from the inventor. O ye who are reproached, take your matters before the highest court, and leave them with the Judge of all the earth.’”

Family Seeds Worship

“After we discovered that our daughter likes to sing and also most easily memorizes words in song form, we searched for videos that put Bible verses to music. These videos, which move through verses word for word, are one resources we use. Our two-year-old enjoys watching them with us. We enjoy listening to her sing Scripture back to us throughout the day.”

- Lianna

Do you have a resource that you would like to see featured in the Spotlight series? Share your ideas with us. We hope that the specific resources or links provided in each Spotlight post are helpful, encouraging and edifying for you. Our editorial team reviews the content of each referenced resource, and we encourage you to be discerning (Acts 17:11) as you engage with our content and content elsewhere.